Updates: Downloads and Information

Pre-Releases to Version 0.1

Pre-Release 01-02

-Removed Unfinished ZOMBIES!!!
-Improved Netherack
-Improved Smooth Stone, Dirt, Sand and Snow Dirt. Makes them a whole lot less dull!
-ORES. Finally get an update.
-Started to Improve Snow
-Smaller Download Size
-1.2.3 Update
-Fixed Stone Bricks
-Brighter Blocks that look better with the brightness set at normal.

Pre-Release 03

-Bug fixing update
-improved Oak/Conifer Trees (Trunk and Leaves)
-Changed Timber (and all the blocks that use the texture, eg. Pistons)
-Changed Dirt
-Changed Grass
-Improved terrain/foliage/grass colours across different biomes
-Started on cloth
-Changed Gravel so it looks more 'blocky'
-Changed Signal colours so they don't give the wrong impression
-Iron Door Changed so it looks more in touch with the texture pack
-Updated the wooden door, pistons etc
-Changed Jungle Shrub from the default.
-Changed Health and Food Bar
-Improved Dragon Egg
-Added Flowers
-Sand Changed to default while I figure out what to do!
-Lapiz Ore updated
-Changed Blue-ish clay to brown clay.
-Added, The new stone brick is changed to a creeper face!

Temporary Removals
-GUI (Menu's and buttons changed back to default while I fix it)
-Stone and wooden tools changed to default.

Pre-Release 03.2-0.3

-1.2.4 (03.2) and 1.2.5 (03.3) Update

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